Research Reveals: Children inherit Intelligence From There Mother, Not There Father

Research Reveals: Children inherit Intelligence From There Mother, Not There Father

MOTHER, NOT THERE FATHER. Even though alot of fathers will not be so happy with this, but the fact is, genetic studies have found that children get a log of intelligence from there feminine X gene. The bunch of chromosome contain in a gene influence chromosome.Although before now, it have always be assume that both the father and the mother have almost equal influence on their child intelligence, but if this research that have been made is proven to be true, the woman will have more larger influence on their child intelligence than man.Even though this research have been very controversial when ever they try to reveal from which parent exactly play more impact in having influence in there child intelligence and it always brings about a form of passionate debate.But irrespective of the debate, it is very beneficial to interpret the research findings with an objective mind. The findings and so much discussion of this topic is very interesting and hopefully want our readers to enjoy the intriguing aspect of the study.

THE ROLE OF X AND Y CHROMOSOMES When it comes to genetics, alot of people have little or no idea as related to that, so in the course of this discussion, it will be nice if we can at least give more explanation to some very important points that will make the article easier to read and assimilate.
CHROMOSOME: this is a thread like structure that consist of nucleic acid and protein
There is a pair of chromosome in each cell of every human
there is two X chromosomes in woman, while the man have a single X and a single Y chromosome
CONDITIONED Gene Gene that are gender specific are the one that is refereed to as the conditioned gene, the properties of this gene is that they are either activated or deactivated depending on there specific designation and later on the genetic properties are being Influenced. This gene also contain what we called a tagging system, which is made up of biochemical materials and they permit two important things which includes;a. Tracing to the gene point of original. Knowing an activated or deactivated state within the body. Deactivated gene do not influence genetics while Activated gene does.
Discussing the second point for us to understand more, if an attribute is influence through the father, the maternal gene is deactivated and if the individual characteristics is influenced through the mother, the paternal gene is deactivated. The mechanism of this conditioned gene forms the basis of the intelligence study.

FINDINGS OF THE STUDY AND RELATED HISTORY The X chromosome is said to be responsible for cognition. Because the woman chromosome have double X, they are said to influence cognition more as the men have just a single cognition. Intelligence is assumed to be an highly conditioned gene that comes from the mother.Even a certain test that was conducted on mice shows that the women have greater influence In their child intelligence. In fact this assertion is not a new one as it was supported by a study in the university of Cambridge in 1984, where both brain development called co-evolution and genomic conditioning was studied, and they concluded in that study that maternal genetics contribute more to the thought centers of the brain. In another noteworthy study that was made, and the studies was carried out on youth of ages between 14 to 22 years in Scotland government agency and at the end of the study in which many interview was done to them and there intellectual capability was observed. At the end of the study, it was concluded that the IQ of the woman was found to be the best predictor of intelligence any time.

CONCLUSION This study will always continue to be review and studied from time to time and there is no study that makes a first a claim to  the development of intellect will be accepted, there will always be a debate and soft arguments as related to the topic from time to  time. There fore the best kind of conclusion that can be made in this regards is that women contributes much more  than  men in influencing the total intelligence build up of their child, and the findings also reaffirm  the motion that our mother contribute most to our entire brain power.

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