Ways To Reduce The Amount of Money You Spend on Rent

Ways To Reduce The Amount of Money You Spend on Rent.

Rent is one of the entity that really call for alot of money. The cost of settling your bills on rent is very expensive in most part of the developed countries such as the United Kingdom, but it is a basic necessity that you have to deal with most especially when you are leaving away from home. As a student leaving abroad for instance, you will have to get an accommodation for yourself and this may require alot of cash to do that.

But in other to avoid the excess money spent on rent, you need to look for every means possible to get a cheap accommodation, or atleast an affordable one. There is no how you won’t have to rent an apartment in as much as you are away from home, therefore spending on rent is a must. All you need do is lookout for the best available apartment at a low cost, so that you will have enough to save from rent. And this is why you need to read this articles so well in other to know the different way in which you can work things together that will make you face less financial stress as regards to your rent bills.

  The main reason why there is high cost of rent is due to the increasing high cost of mortgage. If it cost an individual a very high cost to build and maintain a house, then such person won’t lease the house for a cheap price, and this is one of the major reason why we have an increasinly high cost of renting an apartment. And the major solution out is to look for ways in which the rent will be affordable for you among all odds.

The following ways are how you can have a reduce cost of rent;
1. Re-Negotiate when your are repaying for another rent. You get a bit of reduction being a good tenant, and this is because most of the house owners around will like to have a good person staying in there house. And this is the reason why you will have a good price when there is a negotiation before you pay for another rent.It pays so well to be a good tenant, someone who handles other people’s home just like there own house, this will inspire your landlord to keep you even when you request for a reduction in price and this will save you some cash on a lighter note.

2. Give up your car space.When you are renting an apartment and probably you don’t have a car yet, this means that you will have no use for your garage and you can decline it for a discount in your rent. When you do this, the landlord can give it out to another tenant who have the need for an extra garage and such tenants can pay an extra to there own rent. This will also save you some cash as well, infact it a very easy way you can save money from rent.

3. Make a request to fix the house for discount.Apparently when you are to rent an apartment there is always this minor works that are alwaya carried out to keep the house in perfect shape for you. But in other to get a discount, you can offer to fix all this minor faults. This will get you a good deal reduction in your total rent package. And you should know that this little repairs will be cheaper than paying the full rent. Therefore you should try and make the offer to make minor repair in the house you intend to rent for a discount in your rent charge. And make sure that you will be able to make all the repairs to agree to with in the given time, because the more it continue to spoil more, the more money you will have to pay and that may actually make you run into a loss.

4.  Consider sharing your apartment.When you have for instance a multiple room apartment, to save your self from high cost of rent, you can consider sharing your room with extra tenant and with that you can share the rent together equally. This will help you to have less difficulty in paying your bills since the cost will be share between you and your apartment mate. 

5. Take advantage of all the flaws in the house.Doing the inspection of the apartment that you want to rent, try and be very observant and vigilant to notice every kind of dent or spoilage in the house so that when it is time to negotiate, you will use all what you have noticed to your advantage. So, when a price is given to you, try and make a reduction base on the flaws you have noticed and have decided accept, but only at a cheaper rent. With this, you will be  given a discount and it will save you money that you can use to do other things. This is another very easy way that can be use to get a reduction in your rent.

6. Learn to be polite with your landlord You have a light deal with your landlord when you are very obedient and speaks politely. Even without any major deal, your landlord may decide to help you with a reduction in the cost of your house rent and this is why it is very good to be polite and very calm when you are handling things with your land lord.

Trying this various ways will always help you with no doubt, atleast even if not all but atleast when you have mastered all these one or two will be suitable and applicable to your situation. It is also suggested that using credit card for your house rent is totally discouraged.

You should avoid it as much as you can because most of the credit card companies always storm you with service charge that will exceed any form of cash back give to you and again your credit card can be overloaded putting you in some very serious financial debt. Therefore, you can avoid the use of credit card when it comes to payment for your house rent.


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